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Mediation | Communications

Mediation systems are a key element of your revenue assurance strategy. In fact, they are nothing less than the foundation of your billing and other critical systems such as fraud detection, payables, traffic analysis and security. This platform must be near-perfect.

That’s why we transform your network data into actionable information, helping you deliver personalized services.

Bringing 10 years of experience, ACM also partners with the leaders in mediation systems to create and deliver the right solution for your business objectives.

ACM Mediation Capabilities

  • Conversion – Convert datatypes to other datatypes, usually for billing purposes
  • Data preparation – Collect, collate and prepare data for consumption by the downstream systems (accounting, auditing, archiving, or bill-generation functions), which often accept data only in a limited set of formats
  • Business rules – Adapt the platform to create/support your unique business rules
  • Experienced partners – Partner with the best and most experienced providers
  • Call detail record tracking – Create and adapt the platform to ensure that your mediation system performs the collection and validation of CDRs; filters out of non-billing-relevant CDRs; collates and correlates different input sources of CDRs; aggregates partial CDRs related to the same call; formats change and CDR normalization; and transforms business data.


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