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Business Intelligence | Communications

ACM leverages its technology and communications knowledge to create a new way of doing business intelligence– without the need for a data warehouse.

We create solutions that fit your business objectives, allow you to manage customer relationships, and maximize relationship profitability – across all platforms and all services.
With applications, ACM helps companies sharpen their focus and support business intelligence strategically, instead of reactively.

A typical business intelligence application is created to make call centers, marketing campaigns and business analysis more intelligent. ACM develops solutions that track calls in a way that allows companies to identify up-sell opportunities, see customer satisfaction issues, and enhance subscriber yield management through enhanced call center support and analysis.

Our solutions extract subscriber data from other core business systems, including billing, CRM and call logs, and cleans and organizes it for analysis. The firm then applies customer analytics (BI) based on key behaviors, patterns and trends to assess current and predictive behaviors.
ACM understands that businesses need information to flow two ways: receive important alerts, including analytics, as well as being able to demand answers. ACM creates portals that give companies the power to create ad-hoc queries without mastering the intricacies of legacy BI tools.
And finally, we partner with the best in the market to drive operational performance throughout the enterprise. By making business intelligence integral to strategies and execution, ACM ensures your business realizes enhanced call center efficiency, improved customer retention, and better decision-making.


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