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Based on years of experience, ACM Group has developed a series of innovative solutions to help telecommunications companies and carriers manage expenses, or empower customers to manage their accounts.

ERAS Corporate ®

Enterprise Resources Administration System (ERAS) for Corporations puts you in complete control of your enterprise resources (copying, printing, phone, and any other system) expenses. With this innovative Web-based solution, you establish annual or monthly budgets, and the solution ensures that you never exceed those pre-established limits. At once, you achieve complete control and predictability over your budget, while freeing staff from the responsibility of patrolling printing, copying or phone use.

The first solution its kind, ERAS integrates seamlessly with your PBX systems, print server or copy machine or any other system to automatically control your company’s resource use in real time. ERAS tracks usage and automatically alerts users and managers, or limits access, to ensure that your company always remains on budget.

ERAS offers simple, yet powerful budget and access management for companies and their employees. Read more >

ERAS Carrier ®

Enterprise Resources Administration System (ERAS) for Carriers, designed by ACM Group, is a platform that provides telecom customers – whether corporations, individuals or families – with the ability to manage their telecom services and budgets online. From a single interface, customers can allocate budgets (minutes or dollars) to different services and users as their needs shift.

In turn, carriers increase competitive advantage, reduce accounts receivables and enhance customer loyalty. Read more >

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