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Security | Financial Services

Sensitive, valuable data makes financial institutions attractive targets for security breaches. In fact, they are among the most frequently targeted industries.

To detect and defer fraudulent activity effectively, institutions must integrate, cross-reference, and analyze multiple internal and external data points. You need appropriate protection measures such as identity and access management, secure remote access, confidentiality, and information integrity.

Protecting Critical Business Information

ACM’s experience integrating applications and implementing solutions gives clients a high level of security, minimizing the risk of attacks on mission-critical applications.

The company’s services go beyond simply providing third-party solutions. ACM offers customized solutions and security services based on the business objectives of clients, supported by the company’s experience:

  • Security mechanisms design
  • Technology platform evaluation
  • Implementation of systems that provide the right solution for your business objectives.
  • Integration of systems from any new security system provider within an existing technology platform
  • Custom design of JAVA and C interfaces for any Security systems
  • Documentation
  • Control of user transactions
  • Elimination of internal fraud
  • Compliance with governmental security norms
  • Guarantee of proper use of internal company information, protecting it from reaching unauthorized internal or external individuals

Fraud Control

Continuously increasing data volumes make fraud control a daily challenge for financial institutions. ACM Group applies best-practices approaches to help you enhance the security of mission-critical internal and external information:

  • Collection and monitoring of a wide range of information
  • Pattern matching and alerting capabilities to bring attention to events in context
  • Linear scalability to handle the most demanding traffic
  • Personalized information access and analysis


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