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Enterprise Resource Administration System for Corporations

Keep Your Enterprise Resources Costs on Budget with Automated, Real-Time Monitoring

In any organization, enterprise resources costs like phone, printing, and copying are some of the most difficult expenses to control. Though employers budget for these expenses, keeping costs within those budgets has traditionally been a manual, frustrating and ineffective process.

Inevitably, companies have to wait until bills arrive the next month to know if actual expenses fell within limits. This lack of control makes budgeting challenging and costly for companies – especially those with large, international operations.

What if you could easily ensure that costs never exceed budgeted amounts?

Proactive, Precise Budget Control

Enterprise Resources Administration System (ERAS), designed by ACM Group, puts you in complete control of your enterprise resources (copying, printing, phone, and any other system) expenses. With this innovative Web-based solution, you establish annual or monthly budgets, and the solution ensures that you never exceed those pre-established limits. At once, you achieve complete control and predictability over your budget, while freeing staff from the responsibility of patrolling printing, copying or phone use.

The first solution its kind, ERAS integrates seamlessly with your PBX systems, print server or copy machine or any other system to automatically control your company’s resource use in real time. ERAS tracks usage and automatically alerts users and managers, or limits access, to ensure that your company always remains on budget.

ERAS offers simple, yet powerful budget and access management for companies and their employees:

Precision Budgeting

  • Automatically control your company’s budget in real time – for phone, printing, copying, etc.
  • Establish an annual or monthly budget and ERAS keeps costs under that limit.
  • Logically customize budget funds for each department and employee.
  • Automatically alert individual employees when they have spent a certain percentage of their monthly allocation, or supervisors when employees are nearing the end of their budgets.
  • Reset budgets automatically back to the pre-established balance at the beginning of each month.

Customized Access Privileges

  • Easily personalize access by employee or department by specifying who can make local, long distance, international and mobile calls, or who can make copies, print or use any other controlled enterprise resource.
  • Empower department heads to increase or limit employee budgets as needed.
  • Extend personalized phone, printing or copy, etc. codes to employees, allowing them to call from anywhere or use any machine, and have costs subtracted from their individual budgets.
  • Let employees complete in-progress calls, printing, copying, or any other activity, if they reach their limits. After that activity is complete, access will be restricted.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

  • Easily create, modify and delete users via the Web-based interface.
  • Add or remove employees in just 15 seconds.
  • Manage multiple PBXs or machines from the same or different manufacturer through a single interface.
  • Allow employees to check on their own budgets from any browser, at any time via ERAS’ intuitive Web interface.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Evaluate and refine how you allocate your enterprise resource budget, and identify savings opportunities, with detailed reporting.
  • Understand resource usage by searching and sorting records by user, department, date, phone number, cost per activity, and type or location of activity.
  • Base budget decisions on usage patterns and needs.

ERAS Datasheet

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