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ERAS Carrier ®

Empower Customers to Stay on Budget with Automated, Real-Time Cost-Tracking

As more people embrace voice, data and multimedia communications, phone costs are an increasing part of company, individual or family budgets. Most customers don’t know whether they’re on budget until the bill arrives.This lack of control can mean costly surprises – especially for large, international operations.

Proactive, Precise Budget Control

Equip customers with real-time insight into phone expenses, and empower them to manage minutes and costs as needed

ERAS Carrier®, designed by ACM Group, is a platform that provides telecom customers – whether corporations, individuals or families – with the ability to manage their telecom services and budgets online. From a single interface, customers can allocate budgets (minutes or dollars) to different services and users as their needs shift.

In turn, carriers increase competitive advantage, reduce accounts receivables and enhance customer loyalty.

Stay Competitive with a Customer-Centric Service

Customers have choices in carriers. Giving them the ability to manage their service costs in real time sets you apart from the competition.

Reduce the burden on customer service teams by letting customers check and change accounts online.

  • Let customers flexibly control their budgets as needed.
  • Improve accounts receivable times by helping customers remain on budget.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by giving customers greater control and reducing surprises when customers receive monthly bills.

One Stop for Service and Budget Control

Via a simple web interface, customers can set spending limits for users, allocate minutes throughout the month as needed, and control voice, data and multimedia services.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

  • Let customers easily create, modify and delete users via the Web-based interface.
  • Customers can add or remove employees or members of the family in just 15 seconds.
  • They check on budgets from any browser, at any time via ERAS Carrier® intuitive web interface.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Customers can evaluate and refine how they allocate telecom services, and identify savings opportunities, with detailed reporting.
  • Reporting enables searching and sorting call records by user, date, phone number, cost-per-call, and type or location of usage, helping customers identify patterns.
  • Customers can base budget decisions on actual usage patterns and needs.

Benefits for Companies

  • Flexible budget and service management.
  • Precise budgeting and access control per employee, preventing employees from over-spending without approval.
  • Reallocation of minutes and budgets among employees throughout the month, as needed.
  • Ability to set alarms (SMS or emails) on expenses for each account and services.
  • Assistance in keeping expenses on budget.

Benefits for Families and Individuals

  • The ability to establish primary and secondary accounts, with primary members controlling secondary access limits.
  • Primary members can reallocate funds among members throughout the month.
  • Users cannot exceed pre-set limits unless primary members change allocations.
  • Families can establish email or SMS alarms to indicate when limits are reached.
  • Families better control their monthly telecommunications spending.

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